Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter

Just read this review, and after almost buying it at CVS a couple of weeks ago, now I am most definitely going back to grab a couple of shades!

The Small Things Blog: Revlon Lip Butter: My new love. This is quite possibly the best lipstick/tint I've ever used. It's so soft and makes your lips feel like you have sl...


So, I wanted to update with my own review.  I purchased mine in two shades -  Peach Parfait and Tutti Frutti.  I've recently discovered how coral lipsticks really complements my skin color, so I wanted one in a muted daytime color for work and such (Peach Parfait) and another brighter one for fun weekend things and nights out on the town.

I must say I really LOVE this stuff.  It's not as nourishing as my trusty Chapstick, but it's a great lip color for someone like me who has constantly dry lips.  It does hydrate pretty well and the colors are perfect.  Unlike other colored lip balms I've tried in the past, the colors aren't too watered down or too dark because they've added extra pigment to make up for the problem.  It goes on smoothly and feels great.  Definitely a great product. 

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